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No bail for limbs-in-loch killer
William Beggs
Beggs has appealed against his conviction for the murder
A judge has rejected limbs-in-the-loch killer William Beggs' bid to be freed from prison ahead of his appeal.

Beggs, 42, was seeking his release on bail pending a full hearing of his challenge against his conviction for the murder of teenager Barry Wallace.

But at the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Eassie refused the move.

Beggs was found guilty in 2001 of murdering Mr Wallace in Kilmarnock. He was jailed for life and ordered to serve at least 20 years in prison.

Dismembered body

The murder took place at Beggs' home in Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, in 1999.

He then cut up the victim's body and dumped his limbs and torso in Loch Lomond and his head into the sea.

The teenager had been on a night out with colleagues from a Tesco store, before heading for a disco. He was last seen wandering in the town centre.

After the murder Beggs went to the Netherlands and extradition proceedings were begun to return him to Scotland to face trial.

At Tuesday's hearing Beggs' lawyers pointed out that he had nine grounds of appeal set down to be argued before the Court of Criminal Appeal at a later date.

Prejudicial publicity

The grounds were considered to be arguable and had passed the sift process designed to weed out frivolous ones.

The Crown contested the bail move partly because of the nature of the offence of which Beggs was found guilty. Beggs was not present at the bail appeal.

His grounds of appeal include claims that he suffered a miscarriage of justice because of prejudicial publicity and that he did not receive a fair trial in 2001.

No date for his appeal has yet been fixed.

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