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Last Updated: Monday, 27 March 2006, 13:01 GMT 14:01 UK
Scheme puts smoking ban in homes
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Breathe easy aims to tackle passive smoking in homes
Smokers in Glasgow are being urged to extend the nationwide smoking ban in public places to their own homes.

A project in the city's east end has seen 50 people sign up to make their homes smoke free since December.

Residents can achieve a gold award by making their home entirely smoke free or silver by having a dedicated ventilated smoking room.

The project aims to protect families and young children from the effects of passive smoking.

It is currently targeting families with children aged under five.

Agnes McGowan, principle health promotion officer (tobacco) with NHS Greater Glasgow, said: "It has been very well received.

"Smoking is normalised in communities and a way to deal with stress.

'Courageous step'

"We say, you can protect your family."

She added: "The smoking ban is significant, I'm absolutely delighted it has been introduced.

"It is a courageous step that will affect all aspects of the community equally."

Glasgow City Council has visited 143 premises since the introduction of the ban.

The local authority didn't issue any penalties but said it was "a little disappointed" at a lack of no smoking notices.

A spokeswoman said: "That's part of the legislation and we'd expect to see a bit more attention by owners to that area over the next few days."

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