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Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 16:18 GMT
Haggis for England all year round
The haggis trial came in response to customer demand
Supermarket giant Sainsbury's is stocking shelves in some of its English stores with haggis all year round.

The trial in 300 stores was launched after customers said they wanted to be able to buy Scotland's national dish 52 weeks of the year.

The supermarket chain said it wanted to make haggis south of the border more available than just on special occasions such as Burns Night.

The product is being provided by Perthshire butcher Simon Howie.

Mr Howie put the success of the once seasonal Scottish delicacy down to a combination of high-quality meat and the innovative approach taken by his young chefs.

"We've seen a tenfold growth in haggis sales in four years," he said.

"That's a tribute to the flair and imagination of our team which has turned a once traditional, seasonal product into the basis of a whole range of tasty, adaptable meals.

"New style packaging and consumer-friendly detail have all contributed to the impressive achievements of our excellent products."

Guy Hooper, from Sainsbury's, added "Customers have told us that they want to be given the opportunity to buy haggis 52 weeks a year - and responding to their requests we are now trialling its sales in 300 stores across the UK."

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