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Last Updated: Monday, 14 August 2006, 11:20 GMT 12:20 UK
Warning over drink peer pressure
Drinkers are being urged to think of the consequences

Drinkers have been urged to think twice about having "one more round" in a campaign warning against excessive alcohol consumption.

Television, cinema and billboard poster adverts are urging people to think about their responsibility to others.

The Scottish Executive campaign is backed by Alcohol Focus Scotland, the Scottish Beer and Pub Association and the NUS.

It features a new website and the Drinkline Scotland information number.

Deputy Health Minister Lewis Macdonald, launching the campaign in Aberdeen, said: "I want this campaign to make people stop and think about what they're saying to others and consider the consequences.

"Responsible drinking is fine - encouraging and celebrating excessive drinking is not.

'Peer pressure'

"Many of us will have been in social situations where we want to miss out on a round or have a soft drink rather than an alcoholic one.

"We may not want to drink alcohol at all, or to stop before we drink too much. But peer pressure from friends and colleagues can often make that a difficult choice."

The minister said that the website would provide factual information about alcohol and allow individuals to assess whether their consumption was compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

However Colin Cameron, of the Aberdeen Excise Licence Holders Association, said the industry had become a scapegoat.

Mr Cameron told BBC Scotland: "It's obvious they want to cut back on binge drinking and we are an easy target. I do not see it being practical at all."

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