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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2006, 12:57 GMT
Man is sought over court absence
Mohammed Arshad
Mohammed Arshad failed to appear for his appeal hearing
An arrest warrant has been issued for a devout Muslim who tried to hire a hitman to carry out an honour killing.

Mohammed Arshad, 51, served six months of a seven-year sentence after being found guilty of plotting the death of his son-in-law.

Arshad, from Dundee, was released on bail pending an appeal against his conviction for inciting murder.

But he failed to appear at the High Court in Edinburgh on Wednesday to hear his appeal had been unsuccessful.

Arshad put a price of 1,000 on the head of Abdullah Yasin, whom he wanted "removed from this earth" after discovering he had married his daughter, Insha, five years ago.

During his subsequent trial, the High Court in Edinburgh heard that Mr Yasin was from a different caste and in a culture of arranged marriages.

'Change of circumstances'

The rules had been broken by marrying a younger daughter before her older sister had settled with a husband, the court heard.

Arshad, who served as a justice of the peace and on Tayside Racial Equality Council, was trapped in an undercover police operation in Perth as the supposed hitman was a detective and their conversation was secretly taped.

Defence advocate Fred Mackintosh claimed that because of a communications mix-up Arshad had not been told to come to court.

Arshad still has an outstanding hearing to contest the length of his sentence.

But judge Lord Osborne said the appeal decision was such a "significant change of circumstances" that bail could no longer continue and issued a warrant for his arrest.

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