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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2006, 01:17 GMT
Holyrood moves to former church
MSPs met in the former church on the Royal Mile (pics from Scottish Parliament)
MSPs met in the former church on the Royal Mile
The Scottish Parliament has been forced to hold its debates in the Hub on the Royal Mile after the Holyrood chamber was not declared safe.

An oak beam slipped out of place from the 430m building last week and was left dangling above the heads of MSPs.

Following the incident on Thursday the chamber was sealed off and it has been under constant guard while structural engineers assess the situation.

Parliamentary authorities have not said when they think the beam will be fixed.

In the meantime the Hub, a former church currently used for the Edinburgh International Festival, will host parliamentary business.

There has been no time to install an electronic voting system and votes will be counted by an old fashioned roll call.


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