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Last Updated: Sunday, 14 May 2006, 16:15 GMT 17:15 UK
English voters 'oppose Scots PM'
Gordon Brown and Tony Blair
The SNP said the poll was bad news for Brown and Blair
A majority of English voters think Scottish MPs should be barred from becoming the UK's prime minister, according to a BBC survey.

ICM research spoke to 1,000 people for the poll for the BBC's Politics Show.

They were asked whether it was right for a Scottish MP to be prime minister now Scotland has its own parliament.

While 45% of those questioned across the UK thought it was okay to have a Scottish PM, 52% were opposed. That figure rose to 55% in England alone.

However, just 20% of those polled in Scotland were opposed to an MP from north of the border becoming prime minister.

'Deeply unpopular'

Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said the findings were "bad news" for Labour.

"It means the current prime minister is deeply unpopular in Scotland while the future prime minister is unacceptable in England," he said.

"It shows Gordon Brown's new-found Britishness cuts no ice north or south of the border."

However, a Labour spokesman insisted: "The people of Britain will pick the next prime minister based on his ability to deliver a strong and stable economy and a secure future."

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