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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 March 2006, 12:28 GMT
MP angered by army's tartan move
Veteran campaigning against amalgamation
Campaigners have fought against the regiments amalgamating
A Labour MP has condemned a Ministry of Defence decision which could allow the new Scottish army regiment's tartan to be made abroad.

Jim McGovern said value for money for the MoD should not simply be about price, but quality too.

The Dundee West MP, who has tabled a Commons motion on the issue, urged army officials to reconsider putting the contract out to global tender.

The MoD said it was abiding by public procurement regulations.

The motion follows concern expressed by a Borders weaving firm that it could lose a contract to supply the British army with tartan.

Peebles-based Robert Noble said the contract to supply tartan for the new Royal Regiment of Scotland being awarded by tendering could mean Scottish soldiers wearing tartan not made in their home nation.

Quality concern

Mr McGovern's motion has expressed "deep concern" about the MoD decision to remove a requirement that the bulk purchase of tartan material should be produced by traditional and quality methods.

It also states that "no decision should be made that jeopardises the quality of ceremonial kilts for the armed forces" and urges the MoD to reverse its decision.

The MoD said the buying of tartan would follow public procurement regulations and that companies which could meet the regiment's requirements while providing best value for the UK taxpayer were encouraged to apply.

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