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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 March 2006, 11:54 GMT
RAF helicopter stuck on mountain
RAF mountain rescue
RAF mountain rescue teams went to the climber's aid
A helicopter forced to make an emergency landing after its rotors iced up during a rescue could be stranded in a mountain corrie until next week.

The RAF crew abandoned the Sea King on Monday when it got into difficulty during a blizzard.

They were called out to Corrie an Sneachda in the Cairngorms to airlift an injured climber.

The RAF said the weather was so bad it could be days before a heating kit could be taken to the helicopter.

RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team have set up camp at the scene to guard against trophy hunters or someone trying to start up the helicopter.

An air force spokesman said the service was able to provide its usual emergency cover without the aircraft.

The weather is horrendous and it is not suitable for getting the helicopter out
RAF spokesman

He said: "The weather is horrendous and it is not suitable for getting the helicopter out.

"There is nothing wrong with the aircraft but it could be the early part of next week before a heating kit can be brought to it from down south.

"Members of RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team are staying with the aircraft and that role is forming a good part of winter training for them."

Broken ankle

The Sea King crew had to walk off the mountain while the Cairngorm and Kinloss mountain rescue teams helped the man, who had a broken ankle.

The helicopter was approaching Corrie an Sneachda when it was buffeted by 60mph winds and the winchman noticed the rotor blades were starting to ice up.

The pilot decided to land at the bottom of the mountain and the five-man Sea King crew started walking to Glenmore Lodge in Cairngorms National Park to arrange transportation.

Rescue helicopter still stranded
28 Feb 06 |  Scotland

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