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Last Updated: Tuesday, 28 February 2006, 20:29 GMT
Radiation girl 'feeling better'
Lisa Norris
Lisa Norris is now back at home in Girvan, Ayrshire
A teenager who was given 17 overdoses of radiation while being treated for a brain tumour says she feels she is making a "remarkable recovery".

An inquiry is continuing into the treatment of 15-year-old Lisa Norris at the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow.

After hearing about her case, Prof Philip James offered the Ayrshire teenager treatment in a hyperbaric chamber at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

Lisa, from Girvan, said she was now feeling more energetic.

She has returned home after a series of treatments in Dundee, although her long-term health is still uncertain.

It would be good to have my hair back so I can do the styles I normally do
Lisa Norris

Lisa said she felt much better, and told BBC Scotland: "If it wasn't for Prof James I don't know where I would be now.

"I have a lot more energy and I can walk further than I could, because I couldn't walk that far. I don't feel so sleepy."

Lisa had been warned that her hair may never grow back, but she now has eyelashes and is hoping to be able to throw away her wigs and hats before too long.

"It would be good to have my hair back so I can do the styles I normally do," she added.

Lisa suffered burns on the back of her neck and head as a result of the radiation overdose.

Common side-effect

She was warned by medics that exposure to the radiation could cause long-term brain damage, leading to paralysis and even premature death.

Prof James, medical director at Ninewells' Wolfson Hyperbaric Unit, said earlier this month that damage to skin and blood cells was a reasonably common side-effect of radiation treatment.

Once blood vessels are damaged, it becomes harder for oxygen to be transported around the body. As a consequence, healing slows down at damaged areas.

He said the treatment in a pressurised chamber increased the oxygen available in an attempt to speed up the recovery rate.

Watch Lisa Norris' progress

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