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Last Updated: Friday, 24 February 2006, 13:20 GMT
Boat scare for Royal school trip
Prince Charles
Prince Charles was educated at Gordonstoun
Pupils and staff from Prince Charles' former school are recovering after escaping a boating scare.

Eight pupils and two teachers from Gordonstoun School in Moray had to scramble from their sailing cutter when it struck rocks in rough seas.

The teenagers and staff got into difficulty at the mouth of nearby Hopeman harbour on Thursday afternoon.

Gordonstoun principal Mark Pyper confirmed that everyone was safe. He said the school would be investigating.

'Very experienced'

Mr Pyper told BBC Scotland on Friday: "Anything of this nature we take very seriously so we will be carrying out a full investigation as to what happened."

He said the young people were not in any real danger.

"The staff are very experienced," he said.

"They decided it was in order to sail and we have to look and see if something strange happened to the conditions.

"The boat I fear will not be saved."

No medical treatment was required and no pollution was reported as the main vessel is of a wooden construction
Coastguard spokesman

The alarm was raised around 1625 GMT on Thursday by a 999 call after two boats became stuck on rocks.

The 10 people from Gordonstoun School were stuck after the cutter and a support boat got into difficulty.

A rescue helicopter and lifeboat were scrambled.

However, a coastguard rescue team found all involved had climbed from their vessels on to the rocks, and the helicopter and lifeboat were recalled.

An Aberdeen Coastguard spokesperson said: "No medical treatment was required and no pollution was reported as the main vessel is of a wooden construction."

Prince Charles followed in the footsteps of his father, the Duke of Edinburgh, to study at Gordonstoun in the early 1960s.

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