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Blind Scot snowboards for charity
Adil Latif
Adil Latif hopes to raise 50,000 through the heliboard in November
A blind snowboarder hopes to raise 50,000 for Pakistani earthquake victims by jumping out of a helicopter and hurtling down the French Alps.

Scot Adil Latif, 24, was born with a degenerative eye disorder and currently has only 5% eye vision.

Despite this, he will snowboard down a Chamonix mountainside to raise funds.

Adil, from Glasgow, said: "This is an extreme response to an extreme disaster. Many are starting to forget the scale of such a tragedy."

The management consultant hopes to raise enough money to buy shelter for earthquake victims.

My mother is worried but that's mothers for you
Adil Latif

A former graduate of the University of Strathclyde, he has had initial training sessions at Lake Placid in New York.

He will be joined on the day of the heliboard by a guide.

The guide's job will be to stay closely behind and communicate through a wireless headset.

Adil's family, who originate from the Pakistani city of Lahore, are concerned but supportive.

'Less fortunate'

He said: "All my family are behind me.

"My mother is worried but that's mothers for you.

"It means a lot to me that they are backing me.

"All I need now is for everyone else to dig into their pockets and help those who are less fortunate than ourselves."

He will fly out to Chamonix on Saturday to receive instruction from Scottish snowboard instructor Keith McIntosh.

He said: "I'm fully aware of the risks involved but there are dangers for everyone involved in snowboarding.

"When the big day arrives I plan to be at a high standard."

Adil will attempt the charity heliboard in November.

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