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Cousin saw accused shoot toddler
Andrew Morton
Andrew Morton died after being shot near his home
A relative of Mark Bonini has told a court how he saw him fire the shot which killed toddler Andrew Morton.

The 27-year-old denies murdering Andrew, who died after being hit in the head by an airgun pellet in Glasgow.

Kevin Bonini, his cousin, told the High Court in Glasgow that the accused said he was going to shoot a teenager who was carrying the two-year-old.

After the shot was fired the teenager grabbed Andrew and screamed. "I knew Andrew had been hit," Kevin said.

"I told him (Bonini) you shot the wean and he said 'no I never', but I knew he did."

Police statement

The following day he went to Easterhouse police station with his mother, an uncle and friend Christopher McQueen - who had also been in the flat - to give a statement about what they had seen.

Kevin Bonini denied an allegation from the accused's QC, Paul McBride, that he had waited a day before going to police because he had fired the gun himself and had taken it away to dispose of it.

He told the court that Andrew was with two teenage boys who were watching a fire engine.

I said there's a wee boy in his hands, but he said he wasn't going to shoot the wee boy
Kevin Bonini

He said his cousin had aimed an air rifle from a first floor window of his flat in Cambusdoon Road, Craigend, and told him he was going to shoot one of the youths.

Kevin said: "I said there's a wee boy in his hands, but he said he wasn't going to shoot the wee boy. It was then he took the shot."

Earlier, Kevin Bonini told the court that on the night in question he and Christopher had gone to his cousin's flat to watch a football game, but there was no reception on his television.

He said Mark Bonini got an air rifle which he fired at a street light, house windows, a window cleaner and a girl.

Protective tunic

Kevin Bonini said his cousin went to the toilet and came out "pumped up" - a state which he associated with his cousin having taken drugs.

When the fire engine arrived the trio went into a back room and Mr Bonini fired shots at the vehicle and a firefighter, hearing a noise as if a pellet had hit his waterproofs.

Firefighter Alan Lambert, 38, told the court that he had been standing in a doorway after being called to a chip pan fire when he felt something "flick" over his chest and bounce off his protective tunic.

I could see he (Andrew) was drifting into unconsciousness
Station Officer James Anderson

Station Officer James Anderson, 36, said he heard several "popping noises" and was told by a resident that children were firing at his men.

After hearing that someone had been injured, Mr Anderson told other firefighters to take a trauma kit into Andrew's home.

They found the toddler in the living room sitting on his father's lap.

"I could see he was drifting into unconsciousness," said Mr Anderson.

"His pupils were going very wide, which can indicate a number of things, a head injury being one of them.

Culpable homicide

"I encouraged the parents to keep talking to the child. It was better to bring them in because he would know their voices and not those of the firemen."

Mark Bonini denies a total of 16 charges, including a string of alleged air rifle assaults over a four-week period.

At the start of his trial Mr McBride said his client wanted to plead guilty to culpable homicide.

However, the Crown refused to accept the plea and is seeking a conviction on a murder charge.

The trial, before Lord Brodie, continues.

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