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Last Updated: Tuesday, 2 August, 2005, 14:37 GMT 15:37 UK
Racist gang attack two Asian men
Police set up a cordon at Kings Cross Station
The gang made comments about the London bombings
Police have said that two Asians were racially attacked by a gang who made comments about the London bombings.

The incident came after Lothian and Borders Police called for calm amid fears that racial incidents might increase following events in London.

The gang hurled racist abuse and vandalised the car of the men who had parked near Leith Walk in Edinburgh.

Officers have appealed for witnesses to the attack which happened at 1700 BST on Friday.

One of the men kicked the car, denting it, while another man threw a hammer through the vehicle's window, smashing the glass and hitting the passenger on the shoulder.

The two victims, who are aged 18 and 20, managed to escape by driving away as the gang of 10 surrounded the vehicle.

Criminal offence

A force spokeswoman said: "This incident was racially motivated and the behaviour of the group to two men who were simply parking their car is totally abhorrent.

"Lothian and Borders police will not tolerate racist behaviour. It is a criminal offence and will always be treated very seriously.

"Fortunately the two victims, though badly shaken by the incident, were not seriously injured, although the passenger suffered some bruising to his upper body."

The police force issued descriptions of the two ringleaders of the attack.

The man who kicked the car was 5ft 11in, of medium build, and aged between 23 to 25, with a shaven head and a pale complexion.

The man who threw the hammer was 5ft 11in, of very skinny build, aged 23 to 25 and had black hair and a pale complexion.

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