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Last Updated: Monday, 1 August 2005, 19:41 GMT 20:41 UK
New identity for animal charity
New SSPCA logo
The charity hopes its new logo will avoid confusion
The SSPCA, Scotland's oldest animal charity has given itself a new identity which it hopes will prevent legacies being left to its English equivalent.

In a recent case 250,000 was left in a will but went to the English charity.

Spokeswoman Doreen Graham said: "We believe this money was meant to stay here but Scotland was not specified."

The new logo, Scottish SPCA, highlights the word Scottish and is now in black instead of blue to differentiate it from its English counterpart.

Ms Graham added: "We have a strong relationship with the RSPCA in England but if the Scottish public want us to fight cruelty, we need their support.

TV advert

"They have to support the home team."

The organisation is also launching its first TV advert which recreates the real case of a dog which was rescued after being tied to a harbour wall and left to the incoming tide.

The advert and re-branding has been made possible through a generous legacy.

Chief executive Kay Driver said: "The new logo 'Scottish SPCA-Living for the day when animal cruelty stops' is the ultimate aim of our organisation and as a charity, we are in the unusual position of also being recognised by the Crown Office as a Reporting Agency.

"This enables the society to take cases to Court in the same way as the police, by submitting a report to the procurator fiscal.

Financial crisis

"This is unique to the Scottish SPCA and enables the society to protect Scotland's animals as well as rescue and rehabilitate them."

Three years ago the Scottish SPCA, which was founded in 1839, was in financial crisis with threatened job losses and the closure of at least seven of its 13 centres.

At the time a survey highlighted that the strong similarities between the logos of the Scottish SPCA and the RSPCA in England was confusing to supporters.

The charity responds to 96,000 calls a year in Scotland, carries out over 31,000 investigations and rescues and cares for over 13,000 animals.

It receives no government or lottery funding and currently costs 21,000 a day to run.

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