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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 February 2006, 11:30 GMT
Political outcry over school plan
Anne Begg
MP Anne Begg hit out at the leaked details
Plans to close an Aberdeen school 18 months after it was saved have sparked controversy.

Craighill Primary School was due to be merged with nearby Abbotswell School under council proposals in 2004, but the idea was scrapped.

However a falling school roll at Craighill means the council is now reconsidering the idea of closure.

Aberdeen South Labour MP Anne Begg hit out at the plan, and said: "They are closing the school by stealth."

Craighill has been without a head teacher for several months, and many parents have moved their children elsewhere.

Full consultation

A leaked report has revealed it is being proposed once again that Craighill and Abbotswell schools be merged. The report will be considered by councillors next month

The council's education committee said there had been problems recruiting a new head and that a falling roll at Craighill meant the council had to revisit the idea of closure.

However, Ms Begg said: "It looks as though the administration of Aberdeen City Council have already made their minds up about closing the school, before the proposal has gone through the statutory consultation process.

"By not appointing a new head teacher, and generally not giving the school the maintenance that it needs, pupils are being moved by their parents.

"They are closing the school by stealth."

Craighill was saved 18 months ago after a proposal to amalgamate the school with neighbouring Abbotswell was rejected by the community during the consultation.

Councillor David Clyne, whose ward the school is in, said: "I want there to be full consultation of the parents who live in the Craighill Primary School catchment area."

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