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Last Updated: Tuesday, 14 February 2006, 15:32 GMT
Dog helps find record drugs haul
High Court Edinburgh
The High Court in Edinburgh heard the drugs had a high value
A sniffer dog called Buzz helped detectives make Shetland's biggest seizure of drugs.

Officers also foiled the first attempt to bring a dealer-sized supply of cocaine to the island when they stopped Stuart Riach leaving a ferry.

Courier Riach, 51, of Glasgow, admitted being concerned in the supply of heroin, cocaine and amphetamine worth about 45,000.

Sentence was deferred on Tuesday at the High Court in Edinburgh for reports.

Riach, of Sunnyside Drive, Blairardie, admitted being concerned in the supply of the drugs on 14 September last year.

Sports sock

Police had been tipped off to look out for a foot passenger arriving on the ferry from Aberdeen.

Officers kept watch at the Holmsgarth terminal and saw Riach with two holdalls.

This is the largest seizure of controlled drugs made in Shetland
John Halley
Advocate depute

Plain clothed police stopped him and a later search in Lerwick police station found a white sports sock containing cocaine in one of the holdalls.

There was also a box, sealed with tape, which contained two bags of heroin.

Riach was then taken to an address in Park Wynd, Sandwick, and on the way admitted that there was "speed" in the house.

First time

The court heard that black labrador Buzz was brought in to search the premises and found a carrier bag and soup carton in the freezer, both containing amphetamine.

Riach insisted that he only intended to sell the amphetamine and that as far as the heroin and cocaine were concerned he was just a courier.

Police experts said the 752g of amphetamine, if cut or diluted, could fetch 23,960, the 247g of heroin could reach 19,760 on the streets, and the 22g of cocaine was priced at 1,320.

Advocate depute John Halley, prosecuting, said: "This is the largest seizure of controlled drugs made in Shetland and the first time cocaine, in anything other than small, personal quantities, had been seized in the island."

Judge Lord McEwan called for background reports and allowed Riach to remain on bail pending sentence next month.

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