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Premiere for new Greyfriars film
A scene from the new Greyfriars Bobby film
A scene from the new Greyfriars Bobby film
A new film version of the story of Greyfriars Bobby has had its world premiere in Edinburgh.

The film-makers said they wanted to reclaim the facts of the original story of a dog so loyal to his master, even death could not separate them.

Director John Henderson and producer Christopher Figg said they were determined to tell the "true story".

They rejected the version in the 1961 Walt Disney film. The new version will be released nationwide on Friday.

The Adventures Of Greyfriars Bobby is the latest film to tell the story of loyal terrier Bobby.

The dog is entrusted to Ewan, a shy young man, after the death of his master John Gray.

Despite their friendship, Bobby refuses to leave his late master's side, sleeping on his grave in Edinburgh's Greyfriars churchyard night after night.

The dog in that plays Bobby is a West Highland terrier
The dog in that plays Bobby is a West Highland terrier

Its makers said they wanted to put the record straight after previous versions changed elements of the tale.

The dog's master, John Gray, was really a policeman, not an illiterate shepherd, they said.

And Bobby was a guard dog not the loveable mutt everyone remembers.

However, the new film - which stars Christopher Lee, Greg Wise, Ardal O'Hanlon and Sean Pertwee - has made a few changes itself.

The director cast a West Highland terrier in the title role, despite the fact that Bobby was a Skye or Cairn terrier.

And it is not Edinburgh but Stirling which provided most of the locations.

The film's screening in the Vue Omni Centre was attended by most of its stars.

A party for the guests at Edinburgh Castle with First Minister Jack McConnell follows the film event.

Watch a preview of the Greyfriars Bobby film

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