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Last Updated: Monday, 6 February 2006, 13:57 GMT
Lawyer supplied drugs to prisoner
Barlinnie Prison
The drugs were discovered after a tip off from a prisoner
A solicitor has admitted supplying drugs to a Barlinnie Prison inmate.

Heroin and diazepam with a street value of more than 1,600 were handed over in a cigarette packet which had been opened and resealed, the court heard.

DNA samples from adhesive tape and a package of drugs were linked to the criminal lawyer, who cannot be named.

The High Court in Paisley heard the drugs were uncovered after a tip off from an inmate at the Glasgow jail. Sentence on the lawyer was deferred.

An inside informant told the authorities that drugs had being supplied to an inmate during confidential prison visits, which take place to allow defence representatives to prepare cases on behalf of their clients.

Special screenings

Police were informed and special screenings were carried out to ensure that none of the prisoners due to meet their lawyers carried any illegal substances before the string of one-to-one meetings last October.

It was immediately after the consultation had taken place that the inmate at the centre of the investigation was taken to an area to be strip searched.

He was found to be in possession of a cigarette packet containing 158 Diazepam tablets and 14 grammes of Class A heroin.

The lawyer was detained and questioned but "remained mute" throughout on the advice of those instructing.

Paisley Sheriff Court
The court heard that the lawyer had handed over heroin and diazepam

Advocate depute Peter Ferguson QC told the court that due to the quantities involved, it was "plain beyond doubt" that the drugs were not solely for the use of the individual who was given them but "for supply to the prison system generally".

The court heard that after being arrested, detectives had examined the lawyer's house and car with negative results.

Sentence was deferred for a full profile on the accused after defence counsel Paul McBride QC told the court that there were long-standing issues which required to be studied on his client's behalf.

The 32-year-old was ordered to return to the High Court in Edinburgh on 27 March for sentencing.

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