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Teen admits Farah rape and murder
Farah Adams, courtesy of Strathclyde Police
Ms Adams' body was found on a path near the River Kelvin
A teenager has admitted murdering a young mother as she power walked along a Glasgow river bank.

Thomas Waddell, 19, pleaded guilty at the High Court in Glasgow to raping and murdering Farah Noor Adams.

Ms Adams, 34, had just dropped her eight-year-old daughter off at school when she was attacked on the River Kelvin walkway last October.

Waddell, who lived nearby and worked in an overnight car wash, will be sentenced later this month.

The court heard Farah made 999 calls on her mobile phone as she was stalked by the killer on 7 October.

She was then grabbed from behind and dragged to a secluded area under a viaduct.

We are hoping the sentence will reflect the seriousness of this horrendous crime
Mohammed Shaheed
Farah's brother

Waddell, of Shiskine Drive, Maryhill, put Farah through an ordeal which lasted up to 30 minutes.

He smashed her face with a brick several times and raped her twice.

As she pleaded with him to let her go he strangled her with both hands.

Waddell was seen by various witnesses running from the area.

DNA samples which were recovered from Farah's clothing and body matched Waddell's.

Farah's elder brother Mohammed Shaheed said: "We are hoping the sentence will reflect the seriousness of this horrendous crime against an innocent person who had done no wrong to him.

Thomas Waddell
There were no witnesses but Waddell confessed to the crime

"We have lost a sister, my mother and father have lost a daughter and Leila has lost her mother."

Mr Shaheed added: "This has been very distressing and shocking for Leila but she has help and support from all her family."

He said that the family was aware that Farah made several 999 calls on her phone and said: "That's something we are going to be looking in to."

Paul Kearney, prosecuting, told how Farah, a project worker with the Citizens Advice Bureau, had dropped her eight-year-old daughter Leila off at St Charles' Primary School.

She phoned her bosses before going power walking on the river walkway.

Sexual remark

Earlier that morning, Waddell had finished his night shift at a Maryhill Road car wash early and got a No 40 bus home.

But he fell asleep and as he made the return journey from Bearsden on the same bus he started chatting to the driver.

Mr Kearney revealed the driver saw him talking to young women on the bus and overheard him making an inappropriate sexual remark to one of them.

The attack took place at a viaduct near the Kelvin

He also boasted to the driver about a sexual encounter.

Waddell got off the bus three quarters of a mile from the murder spot.

He was seen between 0730 GMT and 0830 GMT by various people on the walkway, including a female park ranger who noticed he was in an agitated state.

Mr Kearney said there were no eye witnesses to the attack but told how police were able to piece it together through confessions made by Waddell.

Maryhill MSP Patricia Ferguson has asked Justice Minister Cathy Jamieson to set up an inquiry to find out whether it was BT, the police or Farah's mobile phone provider which was responsible for her calls not getting through.

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