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Scots get hurt by moving house
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Two out of three people described moving as "highly stressful"
One in eight Scots has sustained an injury when moving house, a new report has said.

The study by the Clydesdale Bank also revealed that 1% of those surveyed had ended up in Casualty on moving day.

It detailed a catalogue of calamity from dropping pianos on feet to toppling wardrobes down stairs.

The bank found that 68% of people moved less than 15 miles from their old home. And 12% were so traumatised that they vowed never to move again.

'Really stressful'

Two out of three people surveyed described moving as "highly stressful". One in 10 got ill through the stress associated with moving.

Many reported their blood pressure rocketing when they failed to find the teabags and kettle in their new home and when faced with children's tantrums, upset at leaving friends behind.

The survey, which was carried out as part of the Clydesdale Bank's development of its mortgage scheme, also revealed the worry continued beyond moving day.

One in four was worried about paying off their mortgage and 50%, wanted to pay it back as soon as possible.

It could be that people are more worked up than usual and therefore are more accident prone
Steve Reid
Clydesdale Bank

Steve Reid, general manager for retail banking, said: "It's well known that moving house is really stressful.

"For some, it can end up with a trip to Casualty.

"It could be that people are more worked up than usual and therefore are more accident prone.

"But it is interesting that the 12% of Scots who injured themselves through moving is double the UK figure of 6%."

Mr Reid said many movers would never make the same mistakes again.

"To avoid the heartbreak of missing out on a dream home, one in four, or 24%, would only start looking for a new house once they had sold their own," he said.

"And even having accepted an offer from a buyer for their property, more than one in three sellers, 36%, would be concerned that the buyer might pull out at any stage."

The research was carried out on a sample of more than 1,165 people in June.

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