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Last Updated: Sunday, 3 July, 2005, 14:24 GMT 15:24 UK
G8 police influx swells numbers
Police officers in Edinburgh
Police have been praised for their handling of the march
Thousands of police officers from England and Wales are arriving in Scotland to bolster the massive G8 security operation.

About 2,000 officers are moving north, as the number involved rises to more than 10,000 over the week.

Chief constable Peter Wilson said some people would want to behave illegally but that the police had the resources to deal with them.

He praised the 225,000 people who took part in the poverty march in Edinburgh.

Mr Wilson is in charge of the Scottish Police Information and Co-ordination Centre set up at Fife Constabulary headquarters in Glenrothes.

It's like running a police force of 10,500 for seven days. It's a great experience and involves a huge amount of co-ordination
Peter Wilson
Chief constable

"What we are hearing from our officers on the ground is that the public are delighted with the policing effort because it was as they would expect to see from the police every day in Scotland and that was our intention.

"We did encounter an area of difficulty with around 60 people who were intent on causing some trouble but they were swiftly dealt with.

"I suspect the majority of people in Edinburgh and indeed the majority of people peacefully protesting knew nothing about it."

Two arrests

Two people were arrested, one for minor drugs offences and the other for a minor offence unrelated to the march.

One complaint has been made against a police officer who was filming a protester and one Strathclyde officer was hit on the head by an object thrown by a protester. No treatment was needed.

On police numbers, Mr Wilson continued: "We're expecting 2,000 to arrive as part of the effort of a total of 6,000 police officers from England and Wales and specially deployed 4,000 from Scotland on top of the normal police effort.

Police and protesters
A "small number" of protesters caused some problems

"It's like running a police force of 10,500 for seven days. It's a great experience and involves a huge amount of co-ordination."

The summit begins on Wednesday and goes on until Friday.

Protesters will be allowed to march near Gleneagles Hotel and a rally is scheduled to take place in nearby Auchterarder on the first day of the G8 leaders' meeting.

"We'll have some difficulty, I've no doubt, some will want to draw attention in an unlawful way to themselves but we have sufficient resources to deal with that and that's what we'll do," Mr Wilson added.

Watch the demonstrations in Edinburgh

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