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Last Updated: Saturday, 2 July, 2005, 15:49 GMT 16:49 UK
Police enclose G8 demonstrators
Aerial shot of police incident

A group of about 60 G8 demonstrators have been hemmed in by police in Edinburgh amid concerns about trouble.

About 200 officers, half in full riot gear, erected barriers and formed lines to corral the protesters in Buccleuch Street.

Officers said they identified the group as the source of possible unrest and monitored their progress before closing them in. No arrests have been made.

The incident occurred well away from the Make Poverty History march.

The flashpoint occurred off the main march route at about 1415 BST after the group displayed some "aggressive behaviour".

Lothian and Borders said the protesters, who were wearing black clothing and bandanas, were quickly surrounded and hemmed in by officers on all sides.

'Aggressive behaviour'

A force spokeswoman said: "There was a minor incident on Buccleuch Street off the main march route at around 1415 BST when a group of about 60 people were displaying aggressive behaviour.

"Police were concerned and they moved the group into Buccleuch Street away from the march area.

"We are not aware of any arrests and we have to praise demonstrators in general for their good nature.

Police line up against the protesters in Edinburgh / Getty Images
Lothian and Borders Police said they quickly surrounded the group

"There's been a real carnival atmosphere."

Police said this was their containment procedure for groups they believed could be involved in disorder.

Officers began a process of filtering out the protesters who had been herded together near The Meadows.

They were allowing those who were not considered to be any threat to public order to leave through a corridor formed by officers.

Those who were thought to represent a continuing threat were being detained in the main group under close scrutiny.

Police took photographs of the protesters before they were allowed to leave. By 1700 BST, about a dozen remained within the cordon. They were all "released" from the enclosure within the following hour.


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