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Last Updated: Saturday, 25 June, 2005, 14:29 GMT 15:29 UK
G8 group demands access to summit
G8 Alternatives protest
The protesters want permission to march past the hotel
Protesters have met police to demand the right to demonstrate at Gleneagles during the G8 summit.

Campaign group G8 Alternatives held a demonstration outside Tayside Police headquarters in Dundee.

They are angry over an earlier decision, denying them the right to march past the gates of the hotel where world leaders meet on 6 July.

The police and Perth and Kinross Council have told demonstrators they can only go as far as Auchterarder.

A group of protesters chanted to Tayside Police Chief Constable John Vine, urging the force to support their right to march.

There is an incredible amount of anger in Scotland and in the wider world about issues like debt, about issues like trade
Mike Arnott
G8 Alternatives

G8 Alternatives spokesman Mike Arnott said: "We are still having talks with both Tayside Police and Perth and Kinross Council.

"We are hopeful there will be a change of heart and the facilities could be made to allow us to have a march.

"The message the march would take to Gleneagles is the fact that, as we've seen with the build up to Make Poverty History and a whole range of events, that there is an incredible amount of anger in Scotland and in the wider world about issues like debt, about issues like trade, but wider issues as well, like the war in Iraq."

The group called on Chief Constable Vine to make a statement saying the police would be able to facilitate a peaceful demonstration at Gleneagles.

Police in Auchterarder
Campaigners will need to put up a bond for a rally in Auchterarder

They stressed that protest was their democratic right and urged the police to help settle the matter, with only seven days left until the start of events surrounding the summit.

But Chief Superintendent Ian Alexander said the issue was not solely in the hands of the police.

He said: "The right to march is something that is in the domain of the council.

"There are inherent dangers which we have highlighted in our representations."

Respect MP George Galloway has vowed to lead activists as close as possible to the summit.

"We are marching at Gleneagles, that is not negotiable," he said.

"There can be no iron curtain drawn across our right to protest at the gates of Gleneagles."

Earlier this month, Perth and Kinross Council said a rally near the hotel could only go ahead if insurance cover of up to 5m was put in place.

The local authority has also refused a proposed march in Auchterarder, but said a rally could go ahead if organisers paid a 20,000 insurance bond.

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