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Last Updated: Monday, 6 June, 2005, 15:31 GMT 16:31 UK
Highlands areas get euro funding
Nigg Bay
Remote areas are being given financial assistance from Europe
Communities in the north of Scotland are to benefit from European Union funding, it has been announced.

Projects will receive the share-out under a scheme called the Highlands and Islands Special Transitional Programme.

It is hoped that - by developing plans in isolated areas - local economies, jobs and training will be given a lift.

One of the winners in the 8.7m allocation is the Gaelic College on Skye, which is encouraging creative and cultural projects.

The centre is to get nearly 2m for its efforts in safeguarding more than 70 jobs.

The European money is aimed at giving an edge to regional and business competitiveness - as well agriculture, fisheries, environment, forestry and heritage.

'Lives transformed'

It creates a broad framework for using European funds to support work by local partner organisations.

Enterprise Minister Allan Wilson said: "Projects across the Highlands and Islands will receive money that will help create jobs, boost local economies, improve transport links and provide training and development opportunities.

"I have absolutely no doubt of the transformation European funding can bring - not only bricks and mortar, but people's lives.

"I have visited many projects supported by European funding across Scotland and seen first-hand how people have benefited.

"The projects supported by the grants I am announcing are great examples of this."

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