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Last Updated: Friday, 13 January 2006, 00:41 GMT
Motorists more at risk on Fridays
Speed camera
Drivers have been advised that the speed limit is not a target
Speeding motorists who rush home from work on a Friday afternoon have been warned that it is the most perilous time to drive on Scotland's roads.

Figures highlighted by the Scottish Safety Camera Partnership suggested accidents increased by nearly a fifth on Friday afternoons.

They have launched a campaign against what they term "fatal Friday syndrome".

Analysts believe the rise is linked to drivers switching off and speeding home after a long and tiring week at work.

The partnership has asked drivers to think about the true cost of their speeding and the potential risks to themselves, their families and other road users.

Check speed

It says there were more than 18,000 road accident casualties in Scotland in 2004 and urged motorists to follow certain tips to avoid adding to the statistics.

It called on drivers to allow enough time for their journeys, keep an eye on the speedometer, and check their speed after leaving a motorway.

And it has asked motorists to bear in mind that third gear is high enough in a 30mph zone and to remember that the speed limit is not a target.

Fatal Friday is said to be a world-wide phenomenon, with countries like America and New Zealand reporting similar findings.

The Scottish Executive is to launch a road safety campaign on Monday in a bid to cut road traffic accidents in Scotland.

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