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Last Updated: Saturday, 24 December 2005, 12:35 GMT
Man in dress stages arcade raid
Police jacket
Police believe shoppers would have noticed the robber
A man wearing a bright pink dress and a brown wig has held up an amusement arcade in Glasgow.

Two female staff were tied up by the man, who escaped with a four-figure sum of money from Quicksilver in Castlemilk Arcade, at 2005 GMT on Friday.

No-one was injured but the two women were badly shaken by the incident.

Detective Constable Stewart Slaven, of Cathcart Police Office, said someone must have seen the robber because of his unusual attire.

"Initial enquiries have revealed that there were three female customers in the amusement arcade at the time of the incident but quickly left the premises," he said.

"I would ask these women to come forward to police as a matter of urgency, as they may have information that will assist this investigation.

"I am sure that someone must have seen this man immediately before or after the robbery in the area of the shopping centre, and noticed his unusual outfit."

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