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Last Updated: Sunday, 25 December 2005, 20:38 GMT
Festive warning on domestic abuse
Domestic abuse advert
The television advert highlights the damage of emotional abuse
New television and radio adverts are being broadcast over the festive period to raise awareness of domestic abuse.

Deputy Communities Minister Johann Lamont said the adverts, narrated by actress Daniella Nardini, highlighted the controlling nature of abuse.

The TV advert shows how a woman going about her daily routine is constantly reminded of her abusive partner.

The radio awareness drive addresses the impact of domestic abuse from a child's perspective.

The adverts were being shown from Boxing Day until 29 December.

It is estimated that about 100,000 children and young people are living with domestic abuse in Scotland.

Johann Lamont
Not all forms of domestic abuse show bruises, but the damage can be just as savage and run much deeper
Johann Lamont
Deputy Communities Minister

Research shows that in 90% of cases of domestic abuse, children are in the same room or the next room.

Mrs Lamont said it was a sad fact that domestic abuse was a common problem during the festive season.

"As people get together with their loved ones to enjoy their Christmas and Hogmanay, many women will suffer terrible abuse in their own homes," she said.

"Domestic abuse is a reality for too many people. Through our national campaign we are determined keep this issue in the public domain and that people experiencing it and their concerned relatives and friends know where they can turn to for help."

'Climate of fear'

The minister said the adverts showed the controlling nature of domestic abuse and the impact this had on children.

"Not all forms of domestic abuse show bruises, but the damage can be just as savage and run much deeper," said Ms Lamont.

"Psychological and emotional abuse creates a constant climate of fear. For the first time, the campaign seeks to bring this to the forefront through powerful new television adverts.

"This isn't about asking couples to be nice to each other, this is about tackling the systematic, persistent manipulation and control which erode a woman's security, self-esteem and health.

"We also know that domestic abuse has a traumatic effect on children. No child should ever live in fear for themselves or their loved ones."

Victims of domestic abuse can contact the The Scottish Domestic Abuse helpline on 0800 027 1234.

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