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Last Updated: Tuesday, 20 December 2005, 18:00 GMT
Mice plaguing home for stray cats
Mouse on cheese
The mice have even gnawed through electric cables
Mice have "overrun" a home for stray cats in Dundee, it has emerged.

Staff at the Cats Protection League had to lay traps and put down poison after the creatures gnawed their way into the kitchen and started devouring cat food.

The home is now hoping that the cold winter weather will deter the small rodent visitors.

The former church building is one of 29 Cats Protection League shelters in the UK. It houses stray and abandoned cats until suitable owners can be found.

Johanna Girling, who works as a volunteer at the home, said: "For the last few months the mice have been nibbling through Easter eggs, biscuits and the cat food which we keep in our cupboards.

The place is just overrun and we have had to put down poison
Johanna Girling
Cats Protection League volunteer

"One of our staff even got a slight electric shock because the mice had bitten through wires and left them bare.

"We initially set traps which worked for a while, but now the place is just overrun and we have had to put down poison."

She added that it was impossible to say how many mice had invaded the building but that their numbers were now beginning to decrease.

"Hopefully now it is getting colder they are deciding to stay away but we will just have to wait and see," said Johanna.

Watch a reporter's 'reconstruction' of the mice invasion

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