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Last Updated: Friday, 13 May, 2005, 18:16 GMT 19:16 UK
Triple murder flat ceiling shook
David Gillespie and Ian Mitchell
The bodies of David Gillespie and Ian Mitchell were found in the flat
A bus driver has told a murder trial he heard a "noise like thunder" and the ceiling shook just hours before three men were found dead in the flat above.

Isher Singh Dass lived below the flat in Glasgow's Crosshill where the bodies of Ian Mitchell, Anthony Coyle and David Gillespie were found in October.

Edith McAlinden, her son John, 17, and Jamie Gray, 16, deny the murders.

The High Court in Glasgow heard claims the men were attacked with an axe, a baseball bat, golf clubs and a hammer.

Boiling water

The prosecution claimed that Mr Mitchell, 67, and Mr Coyle, 71, were also beaten with knives, metal files, a belt, and pieces of wood.

It also said that Mr Mitchell and Mr Gillespie, 42, were hit with a bottle, punched, stabbed and stamped on the head, and had boiling water poured over them.

Mr Coyle, it is claimed, had a cushion pressed on to his face with feet.

Earlier, the prosecution began to build a picture of the three dead men.

Mr Mitchell's son John, 38, said that his dad was a retired joiner and the flat in Dixon Avenue where he was found dead was the family home.

Murder accused

He told the court that Mr Coyle, who came originally from Ireland, had been a lodger in the house for 10 years. Six months before he died he had retired from his job as a labourer.

When asked if he had ever met murder accused Edith McAlinden, Mr Mitchell replied: "Three or four times."

He added: "She was in the flat when I went to see my dad."

Mr Mitchell said he was not sure if she was a friend of his father's.

The trial before Lady Dorrian continues.

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