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Band write song for murdered Jodi
Jodi Jones
Jodi Jones was 14 when she was killed in June 2003
American rock band The Killers have written a song about murdered Scottish schoolgirl Jodi Jones.

The 14-year-old's teenage boyfriend Luke Mitchell was jailed for life for stabbing her to death in woods near her Dalkeith home in June 2003.

The Killers wrote the song Where Is She? after hearing coverage of the trial while on tour in Glasgow.

Lead singer Brandon Flowers told the NME that the song was written from Jodi's mother's perspective.

Lyrics for the song, which has featured in the band's live set, have already appeared on fan sites.

New single

Mitchell was found guilty of Jodi's murder in January - at the same time as The Killers were performing at Glasgow's Carling Academy as part of the NME Awards Tour.

The band, who have just released a new single Smile Like You Mean It, scored a UK number one with their debut album Hot Fuss.

The Killers' record label denied the band were trying to cash in on Jodi's murder.

Brandon Flowers of the Killers
Brandon Flowers said the song was written from Jodi's mother's perspective

A spokesman told the Daily Record: "We know it was a huge case in Scotland and it's not the band's intention to do or say anything that causes offence.

"We don't want the family to think the band are cashing in on it or commenting about what happened.

"They don't want to drag it up again and create bad memories for her family."

Luke Mitchell intends to appeal against his conviction for Jodi's murder and his sentence.

The teenager, who was 14 at the time of the killing, was ordered to serve at least 20 years before he can be considered for parole.

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