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Last Updated: Tuesday, 13 December 2005, 00:43 GMT
Mundell in shadow cabinet debut
David Mundell
David Mundell backed David Cameron for the leadership
New Shadow Scottish Secretary David Mundell will make his debut at the dispatch box in the Commons for the last Scottish Questions of the year.

He was appointed to the post last week by the recently-elected Conservative leader David Cameron.

Mr Mundell, who is the only Tory MP in Scotland, has represented the seat of Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale since the general election in May.

Meanwhile, plans have been drawn up for Mr Cameron to visit Scotland next week.

The job of Scottish secretary, which had been downgraded in the past to a junior opposition position, has been returned to the shadow cabinet by Mr Cameron.

Mr Mundell, who was an MSP for six years, said it showed commitment to rebuilding Tory support in Scotland.

Cameron supporter

He will, however, miss the first meeting of the new shadow cabinet in Birmingham on Tuesday because of duties at Westminster.

Mr Mundell has said he hopes to develop working arrangements between the parliaments which he said would be necessary "when we have governments of different parties in Edinburgh and London".

Mr Mundell was one of the first Tory MPs to publicly back David Cameron for the leadership.

He took over as shadow Scottish secretary from Eleanor Laing.

You can watch Mr Mundell's performance in Scottish Questions at 1435 GMT on BBC One Scotland on Tuesday.

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