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Calls for dot Scot web identity
The Saltire
Campaigners call for a new internet domain for Scots language sites
A campaign is under way to establish a separate internet domain for groups promoting Scots language and culture.

The dotSCO campaign comes after attempts to create a distinct internet domain for Scotland failed because it was not an independent country.

The idea was to be presented to members of the Scottish Parliament's cross-party group on Scots language.

Supporters said changing the suffix .uk to .sco would boost global recognition of Scots language and culture.

Euan McCreath, a Glasgow-based software engineer, has established a website to rally support for the campaign.

He said: "This would affect organisations across the world who have websites about the Scots language and culture.


"In the 21st century the internet is a fantastic tool to represent and promote our distinct identity."

Mr McCreath said the campaign would be modelled on the successful push by Catalans to establish .cat for websites promoting language and culture in the Spanish province.

The puntCAT campaign set a precedent in September by persuading the global body responsible for domain names, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann), to assign a distinct identity for Catalan organisations.

Mr McCreath added: "The Catalans were successful in their campaign to create a separate internet identity from Spain. I think it's only right that Scots should have its own place on the worldwide web.

"We are highly confident of achieving our aim, especially after the successful campaign by the Catalans. Contact has already been made with those involved in that campaign.

Domain names are part of people's everyday lives and this type of recognition on the internet is long overdue
Rob Gibson MSP

"We aim to build up support and form a council to take the campaign forward. We will then lodge an application with Icann."

SNP MSP Rob Gibson, chair of the cross-party group, also supported the call.

He said: "The campaign is pushing for the Scots language and culture to be identified on the internet so that Scots speakers across the world can have their heritage signposted on the worldwide web.

"This could be used not only as a tool to raise the profile of the Scots language internationally, but also as a signifier for use throughout the Scots diaspora.

"Domain names are part of people's everyday lives and this type of recognition on the internet is long overdue.

"I think members of the cross party group will be sympathetic to the proposals. Responses are also being sought from people involved in Scots language and cultural organisations."

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