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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 November 2005, 15:37 GMT
Winter weather warning to drivers
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Police said drivers should put safety first and heed the forecast
Severe winter weather has been forecast for the Highlands and the north east of Scotland, with the police urging drivers to exercise care.

Residents in northern and north eastern Scotland have been advised to expect blizzard conditions, with low levels also affected later in the day.

Motorists have been warned about the prospect of hazardous conditions.

The forecast for central and southern Scotland has been for less severe weather.

BBC Scotland senior weather forecaster, Heather Reid, said: "Wintry showers will affect northern parts of the country during Thursday with snow at low levels by the afternoon and evening.

"The north east, northern Highlands and the Northern Isles will have the worst of the snow with blizzards across high level roads and some hazardous driving conditions.

Often the first sign people pick up on that indicates they are driving on ice is the sudden lack of road noise
Graham Sloan
Grampian Police

"Southern and central Scotland, including Glasgow and Edinburgh, will stay well-sheltered in northerly winds and consequently escape most of the snow but it will be cold with strong to gale force winds."

Grampian Police Traffic Inspector, Graham Sloan, said: "With the forecast over the coming days being cold weather affecting road surfaces, drivers must adjust their speed and driving technique accordingly.

"Most people do not realise that it can take up to 10 times further to stop on a wet or icy road than on a dry one.

"Often the first sign people pick up on that indicates they are driving on ice is the sudden lack of road noise.

"At that point any action taken must be gentle and smooth to avoid skidding. Do not brake harshly, rather ease off the accelerator and slow down gradually."

Motorists have been advised to listen out for travel bulletins and pay heed to the forecast.

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