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Last Updated: Monday, 21 November 2005, 00:06 GMT
Auchenkilns becomes roadwork free
Auchenkilns roundabout
The old Auchenkilns junction was a congestion hotspot
Roadworks aimed at eliminating congestion at one of Scotland's worst traffic bottlenecks, the Auchenkilns junction, have been completed.

The old roundabout, which frustrated many drivers, has now been replaced by a new interchange.

A new flyover and four slip roads now connect with a bridge over the A80 and the realigned B8048 and A73.

Transport Minister Tavish Scott described the road improvements as good news for motorists.

He said: "The Auchenkilns roundabout was one of the most notorious traffic bottlenecks in Central Scotland.

"This new interchange, which has happened through funding from Scotland's devolved government, will permit the free flow of traffic on the road travelling to and from Glasgow.

"These improvements will bring real benefits to road users by improving safety, tackling congestion and improving journey times.

"This is good news for business and for the thousands of motorists who use this road every day."

About 70,000 vehicles use the A80 daily.

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