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Last Updated: Wednesday, 16 November 2005, 17:47 GMT
Hybrid tram-bus arrives in city
It is hoped the streetcar will speed up journeys
Commuters in Edinburgh were given a glimpse of the future when a new form of public transport was unveiled.

The "streetcar" was put on display in the city centre on Wednesday by transport group First.

The 18.7m-long articulated vehicle runs on rubber tyres, like a bus, but looks and feels like a tram.

First and council leaders hope the vehicle could be used to speed up journeys through an automated fare system and designated road space.

A spokesman for First said the streetcar would involve a partnership between the company and Edinburgh City Council.

"First provides the vehicle and the local authority provides the 'track'," he said.

"The 'track' is the dedicated road space that is provided by the local authority.

"This ensures it can get its passengers to their destination without getting caught up in traffic congestion."

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