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Last Updated: Monday, 11 April 2005, 11:44 GMT 12:44 UK
Campaign views: Michelle Hunt

Michelle Hunt
Name: Michelle Hunt
Age: 41
Lives: Sorn, East Ayrshire
Works: Health promotions officer
Current voting intention: SNP

With a quick assessment of the election so far, for the first time during Michael Howard's onslaught, I thought I saw Tony Blair squirming.

Michael Howard seemed to achieve the upper hand during Prime Minister's Question Time, focusing on the Labour government's track record.

And where was Charles Kennedy - refusing to stoop to this level or sitting on the fence?

I can actually see a 'healthy' battle beginning.

I'm confused about what the Labour Party's campaign is about - all I hear is we've done so well, the best economic stability for 20 years.

Personally, arrogance doesn't impress me.


With petrol prices now higher than they were during the fuel protests, five rises in mortgage rates, possible collapse of another British manufacturing 'institution', I need much more convincing that we're all so much better off.

So far, there's been too much of a focus on the main leaders and their 'personalities'.

Thank goodness for the SNP continuing to focus on real issues and asking questions, eg is a revision of the Barnett formula planned?

I'm not sure that it'll make much difference to how people vote, but at least the SNP are continuing to bring focus to what is important to Scotland.

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In the unlikely event that I would ever vote SNP, receiving an unwanted telephone call from the world's best known Scot (who of course hasn't lived in Scotland for years) would put me off for life.
Robert MacKenzie, Troon, Scotland

Michelle is right - the British parties have a severe problem campaigning in Scotland - they are London-based and London-biased. The SNP is the only party putting Scotland at the top of its agenda.
Neil MacLeod, Carnoustie, Scotland

After watching Alex Salmond on TV last night, he has convinced me that it's about time I give him a chance. He was clear and honest and I agreed with a lot of what he was saying. Scotland can only get better outside the UK.
Robert , Glasgow

After reading an article about the Foreign office arguing with the Scottish Executive over the appointment of our own "ambassadors" to certain countries, I do believe its time to vote SNP. If our parliament decides that the Foreign Office isn't doing a good enough job at promoting Scotland abroad, then out parliament should have the right to appoint people it feels can do the job.
Stephen, Glasgow

As a Scot living and working in Gwynedd, North Wales, I was pleased to see Mr Salmond swerve his pre-election emphasis to his Celtic colleagues in Plaid Cymru. It further convinces me that people really need to see through these British campaigns - by their very nature they are irrelevant to Scottish affairs. Blair and Howard are grinning political and cultural oddities.
Cameron Edwards, Caernarfon, North Wales

Alex Salmond is the one bright light in an otherwise dull lot. At least he has come out with some choices, not like labour - all they are good for is jumping down the throats of the SNP.
Mairi Macleod, Broxburn, Scotland

Alex Salmond put in an excellent performance on TV last night, by far the best party leader. I feel I can trust him - Blair misled people over Iraq and Michael Howard still has the poll tax millstone around his neck.
Alex, Edinburgh

This election just seems to be making it clear to me why Scotland needs to become independent. So many issues discussed by the major parties are not what Scotland needs - just take immigration as an example. We need people to come here, we don't want to be turning them away. However, one criticism I have of Alex Salmond is this constant mention of oil. One of the best assets Scotland has is our natural resources - wind, tidal and wave power - we need to start thinking about the world after all the oil has gone. We could be a world leader in renewables and I feel that we are being held back in this issue by a London government.
Stuart Clay, Glasgow, voting in Borders

Alex Salmond is the only party leader who comes over as genuinely caring about Scotland. The rest of them are scrapping over votes by arguing about matters which matter to England. History shows that the better the SNP does, the more Scotland figures on the map.
Kate Young, Dundee

Alex Salmond and the SNP are one-trick ponies. The self-centredness of the party is depressing to see, there's an entire world out there and all the SNP can do is whine that they've got to share their toys. Time to cast off the old prejudices and vote for the dynamic new parties that are gaining in strength, parties that care about Scotland and the rest of Humanity.
Menzies, Edinburgh

I just can't see how anyone can think about voting SNP! All they want to do is destroy the can anyone vote for that?
mark, glasgow

Mark, you clearly are quite ignorant of the SNP as the SNP want to put Scotland forward and want our country to achieve it's full potential. That is impossible whilst we are ruled from Westminster.
Calvin, Glasgow

The SNP rightly does want to destroy the UK. But this is only because the UK is slowly destroying Scotland. How you can accept the Union while we have the lowest economic growth rate in Western Europe, a plummeting population and no real control of our own affairs is beyond me!
Jay McKellar, Wolverhampton

Even if Menzies in Edinburgh was right and the SNP were one trick ponies - what a trick! What would be so wrong in using Scotland's natural resources to cure our social problems? But perhaps he should take time to read SNP policies. The party has never been inward looking. We take our lead from the small European nations that have made successes of themselves. I'm just back from Ireland - the southern part that's free and independent - and in every town I drove through, from Dublin to Cork, there is evidence of a thriving economy. New developments - both commercial and housing - are going up everywhere. New infrastucture is being put in place, tourism and tourist developments are booming. How I wish Scotland was like that. As for Mark's sad comments about the UK, personally I've had enough of our young men dying in unjustified British wars - particularly the current one, which is illegal.
John Adamson, Wishaw, Scotland

And why shouldn't the Barnett Formula be repealed? After all, the North-East and Cornwall are far poorer than Scotland, yet receive less help. If Scotland wants to be self-governing, it should be self-funding, too.
Steve Whittaker, Manchester, UK



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