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Last Updated: Monday, 11 April 2005, 11:45 GMT 12:45 UK
Campaign views: David Hamilton

David Hamilton
Name: David Hamilton
Age: 25
Lives: Glasgow
Works: Post graduate student
Current voting intention: Undecided

Of all the leaders of the main parties, Charles Kennedy comes across best to my mind.

He seems honest and has promised to campaign positively.

This appeals to me because I want to vote for a party because I like their policies and not because I don't like the policies of the other parties.

In my opinion, Tony Blair is the worst leader.

I think he is untrustworthy, as proved by the WMD fiasco, and has to control everything about his party.

In fact, I think Gordon Brown would be a much better leader and I would be much more likely to vote Labour if he were leader.


Michael Howard again comes across as untrustworthy.

Even (ex) members of his shadow cabinet say that there are secret plans to be implemented if they get elected and as a member of past Tory governments, I associate him with all the scandals of that period.

Alex Salmond sounds like a broken record.

It seems the only thing he can say is that England is stealing Scotland's oil money.

He does come across well but I just don't agree with the central plank of his policies.

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Certainly chat show Charlie looks the most honourable but I wish his members would heed his advice and actually campaign in a positive manner. My Liberal Democrat candidate has unfortunately stooped to the moral low ground in view of a relatively tightly fought battle. Although the Iraq conflict has done a lot of damage to his reputation, I do think Tony Blair is relatively trustworthy. Domestically he hasn't surprised us with too many controversial policies and internationally he has had to juggle his role in Europe with that with America, and that's what's getting him into trouble. Unfortunately for Scottish Tories, Michael Howard has no charisma and has no connection with the Scottish people. His cabinet aren't much better, which is a shame since the Scottish Tories are much more reliable. I agree on what you say about Alex though. As with the SNP, he will jump on to any bandwagon he can, and will spew subtle anti-English propaganda. Well they say a balanced Scot is one with a chip on each shoulder.
Undecided, Glasgow

Blair may be considered untrustworthy as a result of the 'WMD Fiasco' but is Brown any better. Keeping the head down is no excuse. Gordon Brown is responsible too. In fact as Chancellor he provided the money to prosecute the illegal 'war'.
Rob, Edinburgh

I totally disagree with Mr Hamilton, Michael Howard is the finest politician of his generation and WILL become the next and greatest PM this fine country has ever had!!
Patrick Gunning, Bute

Gordon Brown would make a good Labour leader. However, given a similar 'management' style to Blair, wouldn't he end up with the same image problem a few years in?
Bill H, Edinburgh

Michael Howard is not to be trusted - too many people have short memories about his right-wing views under Thatcher. If he wasn't leading the Tories I would be more inclined to listen to what they have to say.
Simon H, Edinburgh

I totally agree with Patrick Gunning, Michael Howard could well become one of the greatest Prime Ministers of all time. His strong will, strength of character and human decency make him an altogether perfect candidate for the job of leading this country.
John Hand, Auchinleck, Scotland

Charles Kennedy's astute naming of his new child has secured my vote. Howard is a coward, Blair is a player, Brown is a clown, and Kilroy, I'm sure, has a ploy.
Donald James Lawrie, Glasgow

I totally disagree with Mr Gunning. Ian Duncan Smith was the finest politician of his generation. Michael Howard is still fantastic and will be the next PM.
Angus Liddon, Isle of Skye, Scotland

I like Mr Blair because he has such a nice smile. It really makes you want to trust him. I know I do. Kenny, age seven years and six months
Kenny MacDougall, Ayrshire

I think Blair should win as a defender of democracy. I'll certainly use all 27 of my postal votes for him. I just hope I have enough carrier bags for them all.
Tony Keene, Glasgow

The SNP are effectively the anti-English party and as I have a Scottish father and an English mother (and an Irish uncle and American cousins) their central plank of Scottish Independence is something I find quite offensive.
Adam, Rutland, UK

Adam from Rutland - your comments are fairly typical of that curious, fearful, non-sensical faction. The desire for Scottish independence is one of increased and shared hope that our country can develop to its best advantage. It's not about hating people, a tired old chestnut by any measure. Whatever personal front you attach to such a vision is entirely your own - but I couldn't possibly find the idea any more offensive than the 'reality' of Ireland, Denmark, Portugal......what exactly do you envision? Villagers marching by torch light to Gretna?
Cameron Edwards, Gwynedd, North Wales

Adam, I think you will find that the SNP are far from an anti-English party. Alex Salmond said it himself last night on TV that they simply wanted to see Scotland move forward. The SNP justifiably think that Scotland could develop and reach it's full potential as an independent. Salmond expressed that he does not have any ill feeling towards England or the rest of the UK. The man knows fine well that England is far from some oppressive tyrannical ruler.
Calvin, Glasgow

And when we have independence there will be no more poverty, full employment, happy smiling faces, sectarian harmony and sunshine all day every day. Somehow I doubt it. Personally it's a spoiled ballot for me so far as nobody seems to represent my views or desires. They all seem to be largely the same and don't recognise where the real forces for change are in the world (eg. globalisation, for one).
Mike, Edinburgh

I totally disagree with Mr Gunning. William Hauge was the finest... eh I don't think so. Howard for PM don't make me laugh.
Jim, Perth

If Alex Salmond sounds like a broken record that's because what he's saying continues to be valid. Scotland is pouring billion of pounds into the Treasury in London and isn't getting its fair share back, in kind or otherwise. The point others have made about the SNP being anti-English is complete nonsense. I have an English father, but I support the SNP. I don't hate the English one bit, I'm just pro-Scottish. What is it about sticking up for Scotland that makes so many people cringe? The SNP is the only party that benefits Scotland. When the SNP do well the other parties sit up and listen to our needs.
David, Edinburgh

If Mike from Edinburgh picks up one of the Green's pledge cards he'll see that the Scottish Green Party views are different than the other "grey" parties. Among the seven pledges are ones that counteract globalisation by making trade fair, cancelling debt that cripples developing countries and building strong local economies by setting up controls on the monolithic supermarkets that are taking over our economy.
Menzies, Edinburgh

Mike - the only thing that would hold Scotland back as an independent country would be ourselves. Our own failings and our own mistakes. Instead of being a dependency culture - which we are just now - we could take charge of our own destiny and make our own mistakes.
Bill, Glasgow

I don't know who would make a better leader - Brown, Blair, Kennedy or Howard. They are all as bad as each other. But why vote for a leader anyway? Who wants to be led by someone else? I will vote SSP based on their policies and the fact that they want to make a radical change to society so that it benefits the majority and not the minority.
Duncan Light, Glasgow

Can someone explain to me what the difference is between Brown and Blair that would make Brown the better leader? He's the one who puts high taxes like petrol tax and council tax on those who can least afford to pay them. He's the one who's cranking up debt and letting private companies basically take over schools and hospitals. Working class hero? Don't be fooled.
J McKay, Glasgow, Scotland

The quintessential of any dependable leader is the ability to take action whether right or wrong in a difficult situation and face the consequences no matter what assails. I know Tony Blair possesses these qualities and hence can lead this country in time of difficulties and uncertainties.
Yemi Adeleke, Oxford U.K

I would not consider Brown nor Labour due to the WMD fiasco. We have been lied too. In my eyes Mr Brown must share the blame. How can we vote for a party that led us into an unjust war
karen, Dunbartonshire Scotland



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