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Last Updated: Thursday, 31 March, 2005, 08:55 GMT 09:55 UK
Xbox turns star into Rangers fan
Drew Carey
Carey crossed the Atlantic to see his new team
Actor and comedian Drew Carey has revealed how playing his Xbox turned him into a fan of Glasgow Rangers.

The star of Robots even made a Transatlantic trip to take in an Old Firm football match after researching the team on the internet.

Carey said he was managing Rangers on Fifa 2005 when he decided to find out more about them.

The keen follower of US soccer plays the voice of Crank in hit computer animation Robots.

He told the Washington Post: "I went online to see how they were doing in real life and maybe buy a Rangers cap. I saw that they were playing Celtic pretty soon and I wanted to go.

"So I found some tickets and went to Glasgow."

He described the rivalry between the Scottish Premier League giants as "unbelievable".

Carey, 46, watched his new team win 2-0 at Celtic Park but he felt unable to celebrate their success as he was seated alongside the home fans.

Carey stars alongside Halle Berry and Ewan McGregor in Robots.

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29 Mar 05 |  Entertainment

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