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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 16:23 GMT
Police release banker death tapes
Andrew Wilson being interviewed

Police have released a recording of a wife's desperate plea for help in a 999 call following her husband's murder.

They have also shown footage of the moments when Alistair Wilson's young son was told of his father's death.

Police said they hoped the release of the material would help in finding the killer of the 30-year-old Nairn banking official on 28 November, 2004.

BBC Scotland's Frontline team has been given access to the recordings as the anniversary of the murder approaches.

Mr Wilson was shot on his doorstep by a lone gunman and despite a massive hunt by Northern Constabulary and numerous appeals, his murder remains a mystery.

Police consulted with Mrs Wilson before deciding to release the material in the hope that it would shake the conscience of anyone with information.

The 999 call forms part of the horrendous story of that night and in terms of impact, I think it is a good example to use
Peter MacPhee
Detective Chief Inspector

In a tape played to the media on Tuesday, Mr Wilson's wife Veronica could be heard telling a 999 operator: "My husband's just been shot."

Footage of her four-year-old son Andrew being told for the first time that his father was dead has also been shown to journalists.

Elements of the recordings have been made available to Frontline for its programme 'Who Shot Alistair Wilson?', which is due to be transmitted on Wednesday evening.

A Grampian Television programme has also been granted use of the material.

At a media conference in Inverness on Tuesday, Detective Chief Inspector Peter MacPhee said: "We are appealing to somebody's conscience out there who has information for us."

Veronica Wilson
Veronica Wilson can be heard speaking to the operator

Mr MacPhee also moved to quash speculation that Mrs Wilson was involved in the murder.

He said: "In the absence of any evidence of a particular motive, it's been important that we have a wide-ranging inquiry.

"One of these lines of inquiry was to look at Veronica to see if she was in any way involved in this investigation.

"That inquiry was carried out at great length and I can categorically say that there is absolutely no evidence that Veronica, or any other members of her family, were involved in this crime."

On the appeal, Mr MacPhee said Mrs Wilson's phone conversation was part of a longer call which went on for many minutes.

Mystery caller

Mrs Wilson told the operator: "My husband's been shot. Dad, get the kids."

In the video, taken in the week following Mr Wilson's death, child psychologist Helen Kenward asked Andrew Wilson what he thought had happened to his "daddy".

"Still in the hospital and, and, I think he's okay," he said.

He was later told by the psychologist: "Well, daddy's not going to come back."

Veronica and Alistair Wilson
Alistair Wilson was murdered on 28 November, 2004

"Why?" he asked.

"Because the shot made him dead," said the psychologist.

Mr MacPhee said: "I would defy anyone who sees or hears that not to be moved.

"My hope is that if there is somebody out there who has information for us, that they find the courage to come forward and give us the information that we need.

"The 999 call forms part of the horrendous story of that night and in terms of impact, I think it is a good example to use."

Mr Wilson, a business banking manager with the Bank of Scotland, was shot by a mystery caller as he was preparing his two young sons for bed.

The gun was recovered from a drain near Mr Wilson's home 10 days after the murder but it has not provided useful DNA evidence.

'Who shot Alistair Wilson?' will be transmitted on BBC One Scotland at 1900 GMT on Wednesday, 2 November.

See home video of Alistair Wilson with his family

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