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Last Updated: Monday, 28 March, 2005, 06:39 GMT 07:39 UK
Rethink call over Cambridge kilts
The wearing of kilts has upset Cambridge traditionalists
Questions are being raised in the House of Commons over the University of Cambridge's ban on students wearing kilts when they graduate.

A strict code is being imposed which stops the wearing of any national costume, except religious dress.

A university spokesman said students could ask to have their cases looked at on an individual basis.

But the Scottish National Party's Mike Weir will table a motion urging a rethink on the "elitist" ban.

The university said that graduation regulations had always stressed trousers and ties for men and dresses or suits for women should be worn.

I am confident that they will be forced to back down
Mike Weir

The decision to ban national dress, including kilts and army uniforms, came as more and more people took to wearing them.

Mr Weir said: "This daft dress code confirms many of the worst stereotypes of Cambridge as an arrogant, remote, elitist institution.

"The kilt is worn with pride by Scots, and people of Scottish descent, in all parts of the world and has graced far greater stages than Cambridge graduation."

The MP for Angus said he would be tabling the early day motion calling on the institution reverse its ban on Scotland's national dress.

"I am confident that they will be forced to back down," he added.

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