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Last Updated: Friday, 28 October 2005, 14:04 GMT 15:04 UK
Call for return of Wallace letter
William Wallace
William Wallace was captured near Glasgow
A letter carried by William Wallace in 1305 to grant him safe conduct to visit the pope should be returned to Scotland, according to an MSP.

The document has been archived in London since Wallace was tried and executed on charges of treason.

Nationalist Jim Mather has lodged a motion at the Scottish Parliament to retrieve it and put it on display.

He urged the National Library of Scotland, Scottish Museums and National Archives to join his campaign.

The paperwork, written by the King of France, was being carried by Wallace when he was seized in Robroyston near Glasgow.

Once here it could be properly displayed and provide a rare tangible link to the national hero
Jim Mather
Scottish National Party

The MSP for the Highlands and Islands said the letter, known as The Safe Conduct, should be returned to mark the 700th anniversary of William Wallace's death.

"Once here it could be properly displayed and provide a rare tangible link to the national hero, who led the nation at the start of the Wars of Independence," he said.

Wallace became a symbol of Scottish nationhood after his victory over the English at the battle of Stirling Bridge in 1297.

He was defeated in battle at Falkirk the following year.

Wallace was captured in 1305 and was hanged and dismembered with his head put on public display at London Bridge and his limbs sent to Scotland.

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