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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 October 2005, 13:33 GMT 14:33 UK
Rape case hears of twin brother
The wood where the attack is alleged to have taken place
The wood where the attack is alleged to have taken place
A man accused of raping a student in Midlothian has lodged a special defence of alibi and has told the court he has an identical twin brother.

Robert Greens, 28, from Dalkeith, claims to have been at addresses in the Penicuik area at the time of the alleged incident on 15 May.

A document lodged at the High Court in Edinburgh claims the 19-year-old was raped by Richard Greens.

The accused's lawyer said identical twins shared the same DNA.

The alibi defence was lodged during a brief procedural hearing. Robert Greens is due back in court next month but a trial is unlikely to begin before mid-January.

The defence team previously asked for more time to consult DNA experts because such evidence was likely to be central to the case.

DNA tests

Defence advocate Jane Farquharson told Lord Abernethy they would contest the claim that DNA found on the student's clothes matched Robert Greens.

"Another explanation for the DNA may be that it is his identical twin brother because, of course, twin brothers share the same DNA," she told the court.

Robert Greens denies a charge of threatening the student with a knife and raping her on the Roslin to Rosewell Road.

He is alleged to have thrown her down an embankment, dragged her along the ground and repeatedly struck her on the face.

Man facing Rosewell rape charge
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