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Last Updated: Monday, 21 March, 2005, 06:36 GMT
Moderator sends message to voters
Dr Alison Elliot
Dr Alison Elliot has delivered her Easter message at the start of Holy week
A senior figure in the Church of Scotland has called on the public to look beyond "power games" being played by politicians.

Dr Alison Elliot, Moderator of the General Assembly, said voters should look to those who put peace and the needs of communities first.

She made the comment as part of her Easter message.

"We need to keep our eyes open for people of integrity and courage who value peace," said Dr Elliot.

"As we proceed to choose our political leaders we need to try to see beyond the entertainment of power games and shows of strength.

"We need to keep our eyes open for people of integrity and courage who value peace."

New life

Dr Elliot said Easter took on an extra relevance in an election year, adding: "At one level, both are about leadership and power and about what people want."

She continued: "At the start of the Easter story, Jesus had the crowd behind him. But he didn't play along with the image of a powerful leader.

"He chose symbols of peace, rather than might. He upset the authorities, exposing sharp practice in the temple.

"He bemused his followers by insisting on acting as their servant, rather than their master.

"The crowd turned against him and called for his death. But out of that death came new life that has energised the world for centuries."

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