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Last Updated: Friday, 18 March, 2005, 19:08 GMT
City toilets rise to the occasion
The toilet looks like a manhole cover until it begins its rise
The toilet looks like a manhole cover until it begins its rise
Futuristic toilets which rise out of the ground could be used to tackle the problem of men urinating in the street.

Aberdeen City Council officials said there were not enough toilets available at night when revellers pack the city centre bars and restaurants.

It is considering installing two 6ft Urilift retractable cubicles which look like manhole covers until hydraulic cylinders bring them from the pavement.

They would be operated by Aberdeen City Council staff using remote controls.

Up to three men at a time can use the urinal facility.

Although it is not suitable for women, the designer has said he is creating a Uri-toilet which can be used by both sexes.

The retractable toilet uses hydraulics to reach 6ft
The retractable toilet uses hydraulics to reach 6ft

A more traditional free-standing toilet is also being suggested to the council, at a total cost of up to 125,000.

Council officials Dave Gordon and Gordon McIntosh have brought the proposal to the environment and infrastructure committee.

In their report they said: "There is a wide range of provision by the private sector in Aberdeen.

"The city has a thriving entertainment industry and the pubs, clubs and restaurants all have toilet provision for customers.

"The difficulty is that, unlike the continental situation, access to these facilities is generally confined to customers and patrons. There is no accepted 'off-street' access."

Council members have been enthusiastic about the proposals, with Councillor Steve Delaney saying the Urilift would be particularly welcome around the city's Justice Mill Lane and Langstane Place, where residents and businesses complain that their premises are often used as toilets when people spill out of late-night bars.

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