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Last Updated: Wednesday, 9 March, 2005, 19:10 GMT
City tower block to be demolished
Red Road flats
The Red Road flats have dominated the city's skyline
One of Glasgow's most famous tower block developments is to be demolished as part of a 60m regeneration project.

The eight blocks housing the Red Road flats in the Barmulloch area have dominated the city's skyline since 1965.

The Glasgow Housing Association (GHA) said the flats will be replaced with more than 600 low rise homes.

Local Labour MSP Paul Martin said the move heralds "a new beginning" for the residents.

The flats were designed by architect Sam Brunton and built to replace slum tenements, but residents were complaining of poor conditions by 1971.

The demolitions at Red Road mark a spectacular end to one era and signals a new era of 21st century regeneration
Charles Gordon
Glasgow City Council

GHA chair Sandra Forsythe said the project would transform the Barmulloch area and admitted she had been sceptical about previous proposals.

She said the difference with the current project was that tenants were asked about the proposals beforehand.

"In the past, moves to do things have been done without the consultation of tenants and local people in the area - that's the difference today," she added.

The GHA also plans to flatten 96 tenement properties in the area.

Speaking at a press conference from the 23rd floor of one of the blocks, Mr Martin said: "This development will herald a new beginning and a new vision for Red Road and Barmulloch.

'Great feeling'

"There is a great feeling of community in the area and this gives us a chance to build on that."

The 30-storey residential blocks were the tallest in Europe when they were built in 1965 to tackle the city's chronic housing problems.

But problems arose and by 1980 two of the eight blocks were officially condemned as unfit for human habitation, prompting major council investment.

Glasgow City Council leader Charlie Gordon said: "The demolitions at Red Road mark a spectacular end to one era and signals a new era of 21st century regeneration, led by local tenants."

'Repeating mistakes'

However, Graeme Campbell of the Save Our Homes campaign, said the project was "repeating all the old mistakes" of previous housing developments.

"Except the mantra this time is 'affordable housing where people can get mortgages'," he said.

"But of course social landlords provide housing for people who can't get mortgages, like myself.

"It's not going to solve our problems, but export us to other parts of the city, maybe Drumchapel or wherever else they've got housing available."

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