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Last Updated: Thursday, 6 October 2005, 16:04 GMT 17:04 UK
'Plook' award shortlist announced
Cumbernauld shopping centre. Picture by Paul McGarry
This new town is back in the running for the undesirable award
Six places in Scotland have been shortlisted for an undesirable architectural prize.

Ardrossan, Coatbridge, Cumbernauld, Greenock, Granton and Irvine are in the running for a Carbuncle award, known as the Plook on a Plinth.

The award, set up by a design magazine, is given to the place deemed worst for planning and architecture.

The shortlist was announced on Thursday and the winner will be chosen following a public vote via a website.

The competition has been criticised for attacking areas in need of development rather than ridicule.

However, Penny Lewis, editor of Prospect magazine, which organised the awards, said she believed it was good humoured and could raise the debate about the importance of design to communities.

'Pock mark'

There are three categories in the awards - the Plook on a Plinth for the most dismal town in Scotland; the Pock Mark Award for the worst planning decision and the Zit Building Award for the worst building completed since the last awards in 2001.

In 2000, the "honour" went to Airdrie and a year later Cumbernauld came top when it was described by the judges as "a rabbit warren on stilts."

The winner will be announced on 21 October.

BBC Scotland news website reader Paul McGarry, who lived in Cumbernauld for 20 years and is now a planning officer in London, said his former home was "a great example of how not to design a town centre".

Ferry leaving Ardrossan for Arran (Picture by Eleanor Graham)
Is this the best way to see Ardrossan? Leaving by ferry?

"It's ridiculous that even with developer interest in Cumbernauld that it is still allowed to stagnate and become not only a local eyesore but an embarrassment to what is otherwise a decent town," added.

Another reader, Eleanor Graham, who lives in Edinburgh and whose mother lives in Ardrossan, defended the Ayrshire town.

"It has real community spirit and fantastic views over the Firth of Clyde and the best fish and chips I've tasted," she said. "Unfortunately in the impression many visitors get (particularly ferry passengers) is based on the town centre area which is very run-down and has seen little improvement since the 70's.

"Hopefully the regeneration of the harbourfront will soon spread to this area and smarten up Ardrossans 'public' face."

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