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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 October 2005, 12:52 GMT 13:52 UK
Sheriff saves Christmas for Santa
Perth Sheriff Court
The sheriff imposed a ban until the beginning of December
A sheriff has allowed a Santa who was caught driving at 100mph to keep his licence over Christmas.

Professional clown George McAllister admitted speeding on the M90 when he appeared at Perth Sheriff Court.

However, he made a plea to keep his licence over the festive period so that he could visit children in hospital.

Sheriff Robert McCreadie fined the Londoner 350 and banned him for two months - until 4 December, so he will be driving again by Christmas.

Children's entertainer McAllister, whose stage name is Just George, said outside the court that Sheriff McCreadie had "saved Christmas".

He added: "The sheriff is definitely going to get a nice present from Santa now. He has definitely got the Christmas spirit.

December is my busiest month of the year - I'm Father Christmas
George McAllister

"I think he has been pretty fair and very lenient with me. He obviously enjoyed reading my letter and has taken it into account.

"He had a bit of a smile to himself while he was reading it."

The 42-year-old former actor said: "He took the fact that I am busy throughout December into account and that was pretty cool of him. He's saved Christmas for a lot of kids.

Children's party

"December is my busiest month of the year - I'm Father Christmas. I virtually earn double what I do every other month."

McAllister, from Muswell Hill, in London, was clocked at more than 100mph between Perth and Inverkeithing as he drove to catch a flight after a children's party in St Andrews.

Sheriff McCreadie told him: "Driving at this kind of speed appears to be becoming endemic.

"I am going to mark that by imposing a two-month period of disqualification.

"That will run to the beginning of December."

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