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Beheading video man sent to jail
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The court heard how Miss McClay was appalled by the images
A man who used his mobile phone to replay footage of a beheading in Iraq to a hotel shop worker has been jailed for 60 days.

Subhaan Younis, 23, played the images to shocked Charlotte McClay last September at a hotel in Glasgow.

Sentencing him at the city's district court, the stipendiary magistrate said he could not understand why Younis had the images on his phone.

Euan Edment said jail was a fitting penalty for the breach of the peace.

The magistrate told Younis: "I struggle to understand why you had images on your phone entailing the death and degradation of another human being, regardless of their religion or race.

"Miss McClay was shocked, upset and distressed by the images. This is a serious offence and something she will remember for a long time, perhaps for the rest of her life."

He misunderstood that she might want to view this and she misunderstood what might be shown to her
Dominic Sillar
Younis's lawyer

The magistrate said he did not accept Younis's claim that he had told Miss McClay he was going to show her the beheading and he believed she was interested in seeing it.

The court had heard how Younis, of Baliol Street, Glasgow, had been speaking to Miss McClay in the shop at the Moathouse Hotel in the city's Congress Road on 27 September 2004.

'Colossal mistake'

The part-time shop worker said he had downloaded the images onto his mobile phone from the internet.

Defence lawyer Dominic Sillar said: "This was a colossal mistake on Mr Younis's part.

"The incident arose out of a series of misunderstandings. Both had been engaged in a conversation about the Iraq War and he said he would show her something which would cause her sleepless nights and her reply was 'Aye right'.

"He didn't believe he was acting maliciously when he showed her the image. He misunderstood that she might want to view this and she misunderstood what might be shown to her.

"He fully accepts he was responsible for causing her upset. That was not his intention and he apologises for it."

However, the magistrate said he did not consider Younis's evidence to be reliable.

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26 Aug 05 |  Scotland

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