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Demolition call over Cumbernauld
Cumbernauld has been nominated by several residents
Council officials have defended the town of Cumbernauld after it was nominated for demolition by a number of its residents.

Those behind a TV series to pull down Britain's worst eyesore say they have been inundated with requests for the new town to be flattened.

But officials branded the suggestion "nonsense", adding that the town boasts "some beautiful historic buildings".

Programme makers at Channel 4 said Cumbernauld was suggested "many times".

Nominations are being gathered for Demolition, a four-part series to be broadcast later this year.

One of the worst offenders will be reduced to rubble at the end of the show.

Dirty dusty vacant useless lump of concrete - a danger to all
One Cumbernauld nominee

David Porch, planning director at North Lanarkshire Council, said it was "ridiculous" to suggest the whole town should be razed.

He told BBC Scotland's news website: "This type of publicity is not representative of the majority of residents, and it's not good for the people living in the area to have it maligned in this way.

"Destroying our communities, our schools and our local facilities is not a suggestion to be taken seriously.

"Cumbernauld town centre was, in its day, an internationally recognised example of best practice in architecture and planning and the world's first multi-level covered town centre.

"However, it has been recognised that the town centre must be adapted to move forward into the 21st Century."

He added: "Real progress has been made and the town centre is currently in the process of being redeveloped and will provide a more modern centre designed to meet the needs of today's customers and shoppers.

"It is a pity that some people are too short-sighted to see the positives in their surroundings."

As you approach Cumbernauld after a long journey, instead of feeling elation about heading home, despondency sets in
Cumbernauld resident

His views were echoed by Cathie Craigie, Labour MSP for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth.

She said: "Cumbernauld is a great place to live, there's loads of new houses being built because it has a lot to offer, including good schools.

"A major worry has been the town centre - but developments are under way revitalise it. A lot is being invested in improvements."

However, local Scottish National Party councillor Gordon Murray said he was not surprised to hear that the town had been nominated.

"The town centre has resembled a bomb site for the last 10 years," he said. "There are no facilities or social amenities, the cinema, bowling alley and restaurants are all gone."

Channel 4 producer Caroline Ross-Pirie said a team would be visiting Cumbernauld shortly to assess its potential.

"I'm looking forward to seeing the place for myself," she told BBC Scotland's news website.

"We've heard so much about it in comments from residents, it will be interesting to see it for ourselves."

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